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 The Global Broadband Speed Test is a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection.

Ookla provides this service for free to anyone who is curious about the performance of their connection to and from hundreds of locations around the world. Whether you test fun or you really need to certify and validate the true speed of your Internet connection. is the place to be.

You can view all of your historical results, share them easily, and even compare them to others in your immediate area or around the globe.

Please click on the 'SPEEDTEST.NET' link to get an accurate test of your download speed.On average most people are paying for 'up to' 8mb download speed or 20m in certain areas!The upload speed is fairly constant at around .448mb and may slightly vary depending if your service provider has their own dsl equipment in the exchange.

On average broadband speed usually measures between 25% - 75% of max speed (normally 8mb)so you could be paying for a sports car and actually only be riding on a bike!

Many factors affect download speed many of which like line length and  underlying line fault conditions have a great impact on your service but great gains can be made from improving the customer owned internal wiring as most of this wiring was installed before Broadband was avaliable so the poor quality materials used in this wiring was quite adequate for speaking to your mum on the phone!

For a set fee (please see pricing)I can assess and test various points around your house with specialized equipment to see what improvements/speed gains can be made then advise as to what can be done.